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Eliss Fire and Rihanna Samuel are getting ready to go out for a hot party night, and while Eliss is waiting for Rihanna to finish up she notices a hot motorcycle and is immediately interested in who the driver could be. It turns out it's the new guy from upstairs in their apartment building who moved in recently, and as the two girls start to meet and chat with him they both have the same thought, that they have to go out for the night with this guy on his bike! However, this guy is a real biker, and is usually just interested in bike clubs, so he's not sure what to expect from a ride with these chicks. So, very skilled in the fine art of persuasion, Eliss and Rihanna give him a little pre-taste of a hot nigh out. Fashionable fully clothed fucking always does the trick, and by
the end of this outdoor threesome this biker is ready to ride anywhere with these two sexy Eurobabes!

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