Keeping It Classy And Nasty At The Cottage

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Just because you go to your rustic country cottage for the weekend doesn't mean that you can't keep it classy, and that's exactly what these two chicks do. They've come dressed to impress, even if the only other life around are two incredibly horny guys, but it more than does the trick as they put the bread rolls down and put those hard cocks in their mouths! There's nothing like some fashionable foursome action right on the breakfast table, and these freaks do it beautifully, ripping those stockings just enough to get inside and taking both of these Eurobabe beauties for a ride! Fully clothed and fucking the place up, you don't need to go anywhere this weekend and let them do all the work for you - it's one hell of a hardcore show!

Runtime24 minutes
ResolutionSD 540p
File formatmp4
File size412 MB
Picture count150
Level of qualityhigh end
Language in movieEnglish


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